Keisha Grey is ‘ Twistys Treat of the Month ‘ for April 2014 

Keisha Grey is April Treat of the Month on :

Keisha Grey

Keisha Grey

See all 15 Pictures of Twistys Treat Keisha Grey

Keisha Grey

Keisha Grey

See full set of Pictures of Twistys Treat Keisha Grey

Keisha Grey

Keisha Grey

See 15 Pictures of Twistys Treat Keisha Grey

Keisha Grey

Keisha Grey

See full set of Twistys Treat Keisha Grey

Keisha Grey

© ( Keisha Grey )

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Brandi Love Starring in ‘ This Ain’t Game of Thrones XXX ‘ 

This Ain’t Game of Thrones XXX ‘ ( Hustler ) was directed by Axel Braun and Brandi Love stars in the lead role of Cersei Lannister. ‘ Game of Thrones ‘ is a literary sensation with a set of five bestselling books that have been turned into a crazily-popular television series.

Braun is the hottest director in the North American adult industry in recent years, creating some of the biggest movies the industry has ever seen in that time and is the reigning AVN Director of the Year. Brandi Love was thrilled to win the lead role in the movie.

” I absolutely love the ‘ Game of Thrones ‘ series and relished the opportunity to take on such a challenging role, ” she said. ” To work with performers who are known as some of the best actors in adult like Evan Stone and Alec Knight was a thrill, and to be part of such a big production directed by Axel was an unforgettable experience. I loved playing the queen bitch and it is an amazing movie ! ”

On her character, Cersei Lannister : ” She is a cold, ruthless leader of her kingdom. It is known amongst the people that Cersei has a thing for ‘ keeping it in the family. ‘ A voracious sexual appetite has her sneaking around the castle screwing whomever she pleases. ”

On her sex scene : ” I had the pleasure of working with Alec Knight, who beautifully played the royals’ trusted eunuch. The hilarity started after a long rant from Cersei about how everyone from the different kingdoms annoys her. This gets her worked up and she decides she needs to have sex. The eunuch expresses his desire to help her and of course this is funny—until he drops his robe to display what no eunuch has ever displayed before. ”

On acting: ” Playing different characters and pushing my acting chops is very appealing to me and I look forward to more adventurous and outside-the-box roles in the coming months. ”

Brandi Love and her husband spoke last week at East Carolina University and received an overwhelming positive response. The professor booked them for two individual sessions, one dealing with swinging, the other with the adult industry. The students were particularly interested in how the couple became swingers.

” Our relationship wasn’t always so liberated, ” Brandi Love says. ” From the time we met until November of 2000 we were both intensely jealous people. Then we had a breakthrough and realized that jealousy is not only synonymous with insecurity, but it shackles us to fear, anger and a pervasive mistrust. Once we truly believed that we were each other’s soulmates the ability to explore became possible. ”

They took part in an active Q&A and the students later took to Twitter to share their feedback.

@Brandi_Love hands down the BEST class I ever took !!! ” one wrote. ” It was so cool to hear @Brandi_Love speak yesterday. Gotta love hearing people talk about standing up for what makes them happy!” Tweeted another.

The professor, Dr. Knox, said, ” After class, a student came by my office and said, ‘ The speakers were wonderful. ‘ This never happens—they usually just go home and start drinking. ”

” The engagement was an enormous success, ” Brandi Love said. ” We love being able to discuss our lifestyle, our own personal brand of Zen, and appreciate an audience that is open to hearing about something that is probably very different than their own experiences. ”

The Fanny Awards will be held April 12 during Exxxotica New Jersey. The winners are decided by fan voting, which can be done at

This Ain’t Game of Thrones XXX ‘ releases Tues., April 1. The movie stars Brandi Love and features Evan Stone, Alec Knight, Spencer Scott, Scarlett Fay, Amanda Tate and Marie McCray.

Watch the trailer for ‘ This Ain’t Game of Thrones XXX ‘ :

© ( ‘ This Ain’t Game of Thrones XXX ‘ video Trailer )

Brandi Love
’s official website is and her mainstream information is at

Follow Brandi Love on Twitter @Brandi_Love.

This Aint Game of Thrones XXX

This Aint Game of Thrones XXX

© ( ‘ This Ain’t Game of Thrones XXX ‘  )

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Jessica Drake joins Feminist Porn Conference Panel 

Sexual wellness authority, sex educator, and Wicked Pictures contract performer / director Jessica Drake is a featured speaker at The Feminist Porn Conference, held April 5 - 6 at the University of Toronto.

Jessica Drake joins the Saturday, April 5 panel, ‘ Evaluating the Outcome : How Do We Know When Porn was Produced with Ethical Feminist Principles ? ‘

The popular speaker will share her experience in the adult industry both as a performer and a producer/director, and how the concept of ethics and feminist tropes play within her work. Jessica Drake’s fellow panelists include performers Christopher Daniel Zeischegg ( aka Danny Wylde ) and Dylan Ryan , plus producer/directors Shine Louise Houston and Tristan Taormino. The panel moderator is ‘ Good For Her ‘ founder and ‘ Feminist Porn Awards ‘ creator Carlyle Jansen.

” One major concern about the porn industry is the working conditions of the performers: do they have choices within and outside of the industry  ? ” asks the FPCon site in its description of the panel discussion. “Are they treated with respect on set ? Do they suffer consequences on the job or for future jobs if they say no to activities outside their boundaries ? What real choices are they given with respect to condom and other safer sex product use ? The Feminist Porn Awards strive to include films where the producers employ feminist, ethical labour practices on set. How can we really know ? ”

” How can we evaluate working conditions on set without actually being there ? ” continues the panel description. ” How do performers assess what is a safe and healthy working environment for themselves ahead of time ? How do producers empower their performers ? How do consumers know what kinds of business practices they are supporting with their dollars ? This discussion will engage performers, producers, academics and those concerned about labour practices to offer ideas on how to measure ethical and fair working conditions on set.”

Held at Bahen Center for Information Tech at the University of Toronto, the panel discussion will take place from 3:45pm – 5:15pm. For more information on The Feminist Porn Conference , visit Additional information can be found on the conference’s Twitter page.

” I’m honored to be invited to speak alongside my industry colleagues at The Feminist Porn Conference ,” says Jessica Drake . ” I come into this wearing several hats – as a director, writer, and performer contracted to a company which has been branded for over twenty years as a ‘ mainstream ‘ heterosexual company, though Wicked Pictures has been condom-only for over fourteen years. I will be attempting to challenge the notions of  ‘ mainstream ‘ adult entertainment companies and their place within the feminist porn tableau.”

Jessica Drake continues, ” I feel strongly about ethical and feminist porn production ; I personally direct a line of modern sex education instructional DVDs, and produce those titles in a very specific way, which aligns with the mantras and ethics of feminist production. I look forward to discussing this and all aspects of porn production with my fellow panelists as well as the audience, at what is sure to be a very lively discourse.”

A fervent educator on sexual health and wellness, Jessica Drake is a highly sought-after sexual wellness speaker who lectures at universities, teaches seminars, and runs workshops globally. Through her series of workshops and seminars, and her line of instructional DVDs, ‘ Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex ‘ , Jessica Drake teaches people to explore their sexuality in a fun, safe, and responsible way. She teaches how to set boundaries, emphasize consent, and still have wonderful sex while communicating effectively with partners.

For more information about Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex titles, appearances and sex education seminar series, visit

© ( Jessica Drake )

©  ( Jessica Drake’s 2014 AVN Award winner ‘ Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex : Anal Play for Men ‘ )

About Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex :

Three-time AVN Best Actress winner and sexual wellness authority Jessica Drake brings erotic topics to life through intimate demonstrations performed by some of today’s hottest adult stars in her ‘ Guide to Wicked Sex ‘ series. The stimulating sequences are sensual, provocative and enlivened by an informative optional audio commentary.

In each volume of  ‘ Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex ‘  writer, producer, director, and host Jessica Drake addresses a different aspect of human sexuality, ranging from Fellatio and Anal to Basic Positions and Female Masturbation. Jessica Drake explores each topic with the same distinct blend of knowledge, experience, and good humor, which led Dee Dennis, the founder of sexuality conference CatalystCon, to praise her as “an amazing sex educator and speaker, who represents a new direction and is breaking new ground” in the sexual self-help genre. The series’ volume on Fellatio earned AVN’s 2012 Best Educational Release trophy, ” Anal ” was named XBIZ’s 2012 Specialty Release of the Year, ‘ Anal Sex for Men ‘ received AVN’s 2014 Best Educational Release award. For more information, visit, , or
About The Feminist Porn Conference :
The Feminist Porn Conference , founded and produced by Tristan Taormino in conjunction with by The Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies, is held annually at the University of Toronto. It brings together academics, students, cultural critics, sex workers, activists, fans, and porn performers and producers to explore the intersections between feminism and pornography as well as feminist porn as a genre, industry, and movement. It is a part of The Good for Her Feminist Porn Awards, one of the largest gatherings of feminist pornographers in the world. We seek to raise awareness, pose critical questions, and incite dialogue about the shifting landscape of pornography and what roles we can play in it. The conference includes sessions devoted to both academic and non-academic presentations, film screenings, a keynote talk, and networking time. For more information, visit
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Will Ryder Wins $250,000 Young Filmmakers Prize in Paris France 

This year’s winner of the ‘ Festival des Jardins ‘ $250,000 Young Filmmakers Award goes to Will Ryder for his XXX parody of the Wizard of Oz. Ryder and his delightful movie ‘ Not the Wizard of Oz XXX ‘ was among nearly eleven thousand entrants from directors 22 years of age and younger across Europe, Asia, Central America and the United States who submitted their short feature, documentary or movie comedy or musical to the prestigious committee in Cannes, France.

” This is quite an honor to win this award dedicated to young filmmakers and I didn’t expect this. The money will come in very handy as I prep my Charles Manson movie,” Ryder remarked following a conference call with festival officials informing him of the award and prize money.

Will Ryder and the movie’s lead female stars Maddy O’Reilly , Anikka Albrite and Brandy Aniston will be flown business class to Nice, France next week where they will then board a train to Cannes to accept the award during a lavish ceremony honoring young filmmakers. Dinner will be prepared by the famous French Chef Guy Savoy aboard the 108 foot yacht owned by Clint Eastwood

” This is really wonderful because there are a lot of young filmmakers just like me who are getting started in the world of film and dance and I am so thrilled that they recognized my work. ”

Métis Beauvais of the festival committee commented, ” We’re really looking forward to meeting Mr. Ryder in person because young directors like him are the future of film. ”

Past winners of the 75 year old festival include Roman Polanski , Ingmar Bergman , Louis Malle , Luc Besson , Ron Howard and Steven Soderbergh

Ryder missed a non-mandatory meet and greet last month when he was filming ‘ American Hustle XXX ‘ for Smash Pictures.

” I couldn’t make it to Paris that week and they allowed me to stay and work on my craft, ” Ryder offered  ” They really are supportive to young filmmakers ”

Directed by Will Ryder, produced by X-Play and distributed by Pulse, ‘ Not the Wizard of Oz XXX ‘ is a spoof of the classic ‘ Wizard of Oz ‘ film that is spot on colorful, packed with imaginative original song and dance numbers and filled with hardcore graphic sex that would make Auntie Em blush.

The critics have taken notice writing, ” Sheer Delight & Irresistible ” and rewarding the production with AVN and XBiz Awards. The porn musical received dozens of award nominations including nods for Best Parody Comedy, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director, Best Music, Best Special Effects, Best Art Direction, Best Makeup, Best Screenplay, Best Solo Sex Scene and many more.

AVN Magazine writes about the movie, “It’s pure gold.”

XBiz Magazine writes in their review, “Sheer delight from beginning to end. Will Ryder once again scores. The CGI effects (twister, flying monkeys, Emerald City) are excellent. Every bit as magical as it was for MGM. Sets, costumes, acting, sexing and, especially the delightful songs combine to make this parody irresistible.”

Art Koch of NightMoves Magazine and the All Adult Network writes, “All of the talk, all of the hype has been well worth it as Ryder comes out with what may be his best parody ever.”

Not the Wizard of Oz XXX ‘ stars Maddy O’Reilly, Anikka Albrite, Brandy Aniston, Alexis Adams, Stella Marie, Nina Hartley, Mac Turner, Dick Chibbles, Eric John, Kurt Lockwood, Gary Lee, Seth Gamble, Eric Swiss, Scott David and James Bartholet.

“Please support young filmmakers like me so that our future can be as bright as the sun,” Ryder concluded.

See ‘ Not the Wizard of Oz XXX ‘ Video Trailer :

© X-Play ( ‘ Not the Wizard of Oz XXX ‘ )

Not the Wizard of Oz XXX ‘ is a parody and is not affiliated with MGM, Turner Entertainment, Warner Brothers Pictures, Time Warner, CBS Home Video, Walt Disney Pictures, the estates of L. Frank Baum, Mervin Leroy, Victor Fleming, Judy Garland or any actors, their writers, producers or any members of their estates or assignees.
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Vivid To Release ‘ Captain America XXX : An Axel Braun Parody ‘ Online on April 1 

Captain America XXX : An Axel Braun Parody ‘ will debut from Vivid Entertainment online at on April 1 and in stores nationwide on April 15.

Legendary director Axel Braun and adult powerhouse Vivid Entertainment have brought plenty of joy to adult entertainment fans with their best-selling superhero parodies, and now they’re tackling the quintessential American hero: Captain America !

Braun wrote an original screenplay for ‘ Captain America XXX ‘, in which Cap fights for the Cosmic Cube against Baron Zemo , Sin , Crossbones and Batroc , with the help of Sharon Carter , Diamondback , Falcon and Quicksilver. The result is an epic sexy spoof that once again has better costumes, more geek cred, and definitely bigger boobs than the original.

” It’s almost too much awesome in one movie, ” said Braun, who recently won his fourth consecutive AVN award for Director of the Year. ” Call me nostalgic, but I like to see my superheroes in their classic costumes, especially if they’ve never been portrayed in a live-action movie…and in my adult spoof  I was able to really go all out, so I’m one happy fanboy ! ”

Aaron Wilcoxxx plays Captain America , Phoenix Marie reprises her Avengers XXX role as Sharon Carter , Claire Robbins is Sin , Kleio Valentien is Diamondback , Jessica Ryan is Hellcat , Britney Amber is a hot USO Girl , Ryan Driller is Baron Zemo , Tyler Knight is Falcon , Bill Bailey is Quicksilver , Derrick Pierce is Crossbones , and Giovanni Francesco, who previously played Batman in Braun’s highly successful ‘ The Dark Knight XXX ‘, steals every scene he’s in as the mustached French villain Batroc.

© - ‘ Captain America XXX : an Axel Braun Parody

Disclaimer : ‘ Captain America XXX : an Axel Braun Parody ‘ is a PARODY MOVIE .  This movie is not sponsored, endorsed by, or affiliated with Marvel Characters, Inc., Marvel Studios, Marvel Worldwide, Inc. or any other entity owning the rights to the characters parodied therein or the work being parodied.
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Sophie Dee launches New Official Site with the VNA Network 

One of the biggest adult stars to ever come out of Britain , Sophie Dee and Vicky Vette are happy to announce that Sophie Dee has just launched her all new Official Site - with the Network.

The new site boasts an all new design, promo video, tour and members area. Members of get all of the Network sites, plus every live show on free. Sophie Dee ’s first live appearance for her Official Site is this Thursday, March 27, 2014 at 3pm est.

Sophie Dee joins the formidable lineup at the VNA which includes Vicky Vette , Nikki Benz , Julia Ann , Siri , Puma Swede , Sara Jay and others

To celebrate the launch, for a limited time, new members can join for $19.95 ( usually $25 ).

Born in Wales, Sophie Dee now only shoots for her official site, which was previously nominated for Best Pornstar Website in 2011 by AVN and in 2010 by XBIZ. Sophie Dee and Vicky Vette are both winners of the Miss Freeones award ( Sophie Dee in 2011, Vicky Vette in 2012 ).

Sophie Dee is quickly making a name in mainstream, apprearing in Sony’s ‘ The Hungover Games ‘ ( just released March 11 ) and starring in two Indie horror movies, Theater of Derange and Untimely Demise ( see her IMDB ). She also runs a mainstream film review site, and is shooting a reality TV show with Seymour Butts. She won Best Boobs at Nightmoves 2013. Vette celebrated her 10 year anniversary in adult in 2013. She just won awards from both AVN & XBIZ in January for Best Website. She runs as well as all the official sites at and was named by AVN as one of the Top 30 Women Power Players in Adult.

Sophie Dee is quoted as saying : ” I think my fans are going to be thrilled with the new site. I can’t wait for them to check it out. It has everything fans could ask for, interaction with me, live entertainment every day, all of my porn and access to some of the best official sites in adult. My fans might need to stock up on extra tissue paper ( lol ).”

Vicky Vette comments, ” I was flattered Sophie asked me to run her Official Site. She has immense appeal with fans and I am thrilled to have her on board. We are working harder than ever to make 2014 bigger and better than ever. You can never have enough sexy girls in camo. lol ). ”

Sophie Dee

Sophie Dee

© ( Sophie Dee )

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Siri graces Cover of ‘ Curvy Girls 6 ‘, announces Slate of New Scenes 

Naturally big-breasted beauty Siri is featured on the cover of Elegant Angel’s ‘ Curvy Girls 6 ‘, and the curvy Nordic goddess announces a slate of additional scenes being showcased on several websites this week.

” It is an absolute honor to be featured on the cover of ‘ Curvy Girls 6 ‘, ” says Siri . ” Mimefreak is a wonderful and very talented director, and I look forward to working with him again. The chemistry between Mr. Pete and me is super hot - you can almost feel it coming through the screen. Fans will love this DVD and I’m sure they’ll watch it over and over again ! ”

Curvy Girls 6 ‘ director MimeFreak bestowed his ” Freak of the Month ” moniker to the curvy, ultra-busty Siri , saying, ” My God does this woman have some curves… The reason I say a WOMAN is because Siri has the body of one. Personally, I am a man that loves a real woman’s body… a woman that embraces what god gave her. ”

MimeFreak continues, ” One thing about me is I love a woman that cares about how she’s presented in this business… she cared about whom she performed with, she cared about what pictures were going to make her look best… Siri has a gift, and I know something special is going to come from her dedication and hard work. All I will tell you is Keep Watching Siri … She’s a Freak ! ”

To see Siri on the cover of ‘ Curvy Girls 6 ‘, visit Tease footage from her scene can be viewed and a full trailer of the film can be seen on Elegant Angel

In addition to her performance in ‘ Curvy Girls 6 ‘, Siri’s takeover of the adult Internet this week includes 2 scenes at Naughty America , and a scene each for BangBros and Brazzers , who aptly named the scene ‘ Siri-ously Big Tits

In each scene, her natural 30H assets are prominently featured against her slender 27-inch waist, much to the delight of her male co-stars.

” I’m very excited about these new web scenes, ” adds Siri. ” Naughty America is one of my favorite companies to work for. They have more scenes of me than anyone else, and these two new ones are definitely my personal favorites. My scene with Mike Adriano for BangBros is super hot and nasty, and my scene with Kieran Lee for Brazzers is pure insanity - he did things to me that none of my other co-stars have done. You’ll just have to watch to see what I mean! I’d like to thank all of these companies for featuring me, and my boobs, in four hot new scenes. I’m certain that lots of minds (and other things) will be blown by all of this hardcore hotness! ”

The busty red-headed Viking is also appealing to her fans, lovingly named her ‘ Legion of Sirians ‘, to nominate her for the ‘ Most Valuable Vagina ‘ ( Female Performer of the Year ) award at the upcoming Exxxotica Expo Fanny Awards. Voting is free , fans can vote every 24 hours until March 20th. Voters can also enter their email address to win tickets to the Exxxotica Atlantic City convention, held April 11 – 13.

Recipient of Miss FreeOne’s Best Newcomer 2012 and nominated for Best New Starlet at the 2013 AVN Awards, Siri is also a 2013 Top Writer for informational media site Quora, where she answers questions from the public and offers advice on sex, love, and the adult entertainment industry. Quora’s other Top Writers include mainstreams luminaries including the CEO of Reddit, Ivy League professors, and more.

Fans can also see Siri on her official website, , read her blog at and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

© ( Siri on ‘ Curvy Girls 6 ‘ Cover )

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Eva Lovia is ‘ Twistys Treat of the Month ‘ for March 2014 

Eva Lovia is March Treat of the Month on :

Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia

See all 15 Pictures of Twistys Treat Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia

See full set of Pictures of Twistys Treat Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia

See 15 Pictures of Twistys Treat Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia

See full set of Twistys Treat Eva Lovia

Eva Lovia

© ( Eva Lovia )

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Bobbi Eden’s Autobiography hits the Top 10 - A Smash Hit in Holland 

Hollands #1 PornStar & VNA Girl Bobbi Eden’s new autobiography has been released in the Netherlands to a smash reception with extensive & in depth coverage accross all media outlets resulting in it being listed on the Top 10 releases. Released by Holland’s biggest publisher, Nijgh & Van Ditmar, Bobbi Eden’s autobiography is a bird’s eye view of adult’s closed doors covering intimate details of her life.

The book can be found at ‘ the Amazon Books of Holland ‘ and in bookstores across Holland (in paperback form).

Bobbi Eden is quoted as saying : ” I could not be more thrilled by the reaction of not only the fans but the general public. I have been doing countless interviews a day and we are already in our second print… it’s amazing and has exceeded my wildest dreams. ”

Bobbi Eden has firmly crossed into mainstream in Holland, having just signed on to appear in the Dutch version of ‘ I am a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here ‘ - flown to the jungles of Suriname other Dutch celebrities for an upcoming reality TV show premiering in April. She made headlines after just appearing in the National IQ Test with other prominent Dutch stars. More mainstream shows are in the works.

Bobbi Eden still is the face of Dutch webcam giant and is also launching an exclusive men’s underwear line called ‘ Cock & Balls ‘.

Bobbi Eden’s Official Site is part of the VNA Girls Network with other high profile superstars such as Vicky Vette , Julia Ann , Francesca Le as well as Penthouse Pet Nikki Benz & Swedish star Puma Swede. Her next live member show is Tuesday, March 11 at her Official Site

Bobbi Eden

Bobbi Eden

Bobbi Eden

© ( Bobbi Eden )

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Lola Foxx : Puba launches Bubble Butt Brunette’s Official Site 

Puba is pleased to announce the latest addition to their expanding roster of top-shelf adult talent. Adorable brunette firecracker Lola Foxx is the newest star to join the Puba Ranks. With the launch of her site, Puba is ready to help take the budding superstar to the next level. features Lola Foxx and some of her hottest friends in blistering girl on girl action and boy/girl scenes including some intense interracial fun. Her site will also feature behind the scenes footage showing Lola Foxx at home, backstage on dance gigs and enjoying her down time.

” I’m so excited to release my official website with the Puba network and take my career to the next level this year, ” says Lola Foxx. ” You’ll also be seeing me add categories to my site that I’ve never done before. I love being a Puba girl because it gives me an outlet to express myself the way I want in each scene. Everyone has put a lot of hard work into my website and I can’t wait to share all of it with my fans. Puba is the very best network in the industry and I’m very proud to be a Puba girl. ”

During her relatively short time in the XXX industry, Lola Foxx has gained a devoted following of fans who enjoy her girl next door looks and incredibly wide naughty streak. Consistently ranked in the top 10 babes on, Lola Foxx has over 162K Twitter followers and was nominated for a 2014 AVN Award for Best 3 Way Sex_Scene. She recently completed a 7-movie deal with Mile High Media/Open Life that featured her in b/g and g/g hard core. Lola Foxx graced the box cover of Hard X’s ‘ Super Cute ‘, anchoring the cast for famed director Mason. Though it was one of her roughest scenes to date, fans can count on an even dirtier side of this naughty princess on her own site. Her future is looking even brighter with new content and projects including her own addition to Pornstar Empire’s popular “I Am” series.

Puba’s in-house director Ivan knows all about Lola Foxx’s energy. “Lola is one of the most down to earth girls I’ve met in a while and her hunger to grow as a performer and pornstar is off the charts,” he says. “She often picks my brain as a director which is flattering and really shows how much she really cares.”

For more Lola Foxx visit

Follow Lola Foxx on Twitter: @Lola_Foxx

Affiliates sign up at

Lola foxx

Lola foxx

© ( Lola Foxx )

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