Anna Polina and Marc Dorcel support Biker # 69 for Dakar Rallye 2012

Anna Polina , Dorcel Girl , will be the biker’s sexy lucky charm

Marc Dorcel , the European leader in adult entertainment, will support biker #69 as main sponsor during the next Paris-Dakar rallye. Hugo Payen, the wild rider who won last year’s ‘ no help ‘ category, will therefore bear the porn giant’s colours during his 5th run. Anna Polina , the blazing hot Dorcel Girl, will give Hugo courage during the race that once again promises to be legendary !

Indeed, Hugo Payen has especially and subtly decorated his Yamaha 450WRF with Anna Polina ’s beautiful naked body : this will undoubtedly distract the other participants onsite! This year’s Dakar will sure be hot!

Last year, the fearless biker had contacted Marc Dorcel through the nearby DorcelStore, Marc Dorcel ’s sexy concept store, after he had been appointed with number 69. Hugo Payen had already been last year’s star of the race with all his Marc Dorcel stickers and T shirts. This time, Hugo Payen and Marc Dorcel decided to sexy up the Paris-Dakar, and the partnership is even more daring : a look at the pictures made during the glamorous and sporty photo shoot with Anna Polina , Hugo and his engine shows that Marc Dorcel and Hugo have definitely taken up full speed.

” Hugo Payen ’s courage, persistence and results on last year’s Paris-Dakar really impressed us, without mentioning the emotion brought by our partnership onsite! It was therefore obvious for us that we had to reaffirm our support on this edition. We wish him good luck for the race ! ” says Gregory Dorcel , CEO , Marc Dorcel

Anna Polina

Anna Polina

Anna Polina

© ( Anna Polina and Hugo Payen )

About Marc Dorcel :
Created in 1979, and well known as an adult film producer, Marc Dorcel turned into a media group dedicated to the Adult market. Marc Dorcel is the European leader in the production, the publishing, the editing and the distribution of adult programs & services. Always high class and aimed to a large adult audience, Marc Dorcel combines a high quality approach, an unequalled know-how on the European market as one of the most well-known brands with a presence in 56 countries. Marc Dorcel is active in all relevant disciplines including production, linear TV channel, VOD platforms management, magazines, Internet, mobile sites and 3D. In the past 5 years, Marc Dorcel has become the first pan-European adult program & turnkey services supplier for IPTV, cable and WEB VOD platforms. Marc Dorcel is also the first pan-European company dedicated to adult content and service, providing content, turnkey platforms, direct back office management, having 14 live platforms on cable, IPTV and SMART TV.More information on

About Paris-Dakar Rally :
The adventure began back in 1977, when Thierry Sabine got lost on his motorbike in the Libyan desert during the Abidjan-Nice Rally. Saved from the sands in extremis, he returned to France still in thrall to this landscape and promising himself he would share his fascination with as many people as possible. He proceeded to come up with a route starting in Europe, continuing to Algiers and crossing Agadez before eventually finishing at Dakar. The founder coined a motto for his inspiration: “A challenge for those who go. A dream for those who stay behind.” Courtesy of his great conviction and that modicum of madness peculiar to all great ideas, the plan quickly became a reality. Since then, the Paris-Dakar, a unique event sparked by the spirit of adventure, open to all riders and carrying a message of friendship between all men, has never failed to challenge, surprise and excite. Over the course of almost thirty years, it has generated innumerable sporting and human stories.


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