Eminem Video ‘ We Made You ‘ Starring Lisa Ann Premieres on MTV

“ I can’t believe it’s really happening… ”

Lisa Ann can skip the coffee today as the adrenaline from the premiere of the Eminem video “We Made You” hits the airwaves for the first time. Lisa Ann shot the video for the song two weeks ago in Los Angeles. It debuted on MTV this morning and MTV2 will air a half-hour “Making of” special today.

“ I can’t believe it’s really happening. ” the stunned star said. “ Filming it was amazing and I couldn’t believe I was there, but it was a professional environment and I had to suck it up. To see it now, done, it’s incredible. I’m…speechless. ”

She found out the video would be released today and raced to the office, where she watched the finished product online for the first time.

“ I love it ! ” she screamed. “ I love the song, I love the style, I love it all. It brings back amazing memories. I’m so happy right now that I can’t believe it. ”

‘ We Made You ‘ was directed by Joseph Kahn, whose resume includes videos for 50 Cent (‘ Ayo Technology ‘ ), Destiny’s Child ( ‘ Say My Name ‘ ) and Garbage ( ‘ Cherry Lips ‘ ).

The video, which debuted this morning on MTV’s AMTV, takes many celebrities to task. Among those stung are Amy Winehouse , Lindsay Lohan , Kevin Federline and Jessica Simpson. Lisa Ann appears as Sarah Palin in many segments, including a number where Eminem takes on a Bret Michaels persona and the two appear together in bed.

“ There’s some celebrity bashing in it. ” MTV.com quoted Eminem as saying. “ I wanna say it’s not necessarily intentional bashing in it; it’s not necessarily taking deliberate shots at people. … yes, it is. What the fuck am I talking about ? ”

The Making of video is scheduled to run on MTV2 today at 12:30 pm PT. (Different markets and cable providers may air the special at different times, so check local listings.) The video can be seen on MTV.com at http://www.mtv.com/videos/eminem/368090/we-made-you.jhtml#id=1608645.

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